The Loiterers Resistance Movement

April 2021 First Sunday

Dear friends and Springtime loiterers

It’s First Sunday, this Sunday and so time to wander and wonder together again. It’s also the Easter holiday and there is a slow unfurling of many things so I’m sharing an asynchronous set of prompts. This means you can do them whenever, wherever you like. There won’t be a live whatsapp group  but you can of course share your walk with me – I always love to see where you are and what you discover. For those who would like a convivial chat I’ve organised a zoom catch up – using a bit of creative time keeping I’ve shifted it to Tuesday 6th April at 8pm and all are welcome.

Here’s the prompts

Start wherever you want to and follow each of these instructions for as long as you wish. As you walk remember to take care of yourself, others and your environment. Please stay safe.

Look for the colour yellow, how many kinds of yellow can you spot?
Look up – what is happening on rooftops, in the sky, above your usual sightline
Look down. What do you notice? What patterns or portals or traces can you find?
Follow the non-human. Where does paying attention to lichen, flowers, birds, insects or animals lead you? What can they teach you?
Listen, focus on what you can hear and follow a sound
Smell, follow your nose and map the scents you notice
Feel the ground beneath you, find different textures to walk on

To share your walk, or for questions, comments and ideas about future events please get in touch by email
twitter @thelrm
facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
phone / text / whatsapp 07974929589

Here’s a link to the zoom meeting on Tuesday

Meeting ID: 966 3573 4136

Passcode: U#3@QAxj

I hope to walk with you soon, together alone or in person

with love and cherry blossoms

Morag xx

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