The Loiterers Resistance Movement

August 2020 Walking Today

The general theme for today's walk is our relationship with the “natural” landscape. We’ll be thinking about flora, fauna, greenspace amidst our everyday environment and as ever you are welcome to interpret the instructions however, and wherever you choose. Please do remember to be respectful of what ever else is happening in the space you explore. Please be safe and take care of yourself and others, this includes following whatever your local guidelines around Covid19 are
I’ll start wandering in Manchester at 2pm and there will be a new prompt shared every 10 minutes or so for the next ninety minutes. Think of these as conversation starters with the space you are in, whether its inside or out, some of them will overlap with each other, some may not work as well in your environment but have a think about them all. Be as creative or as literal as you fancy, but please do share what you find in some way.
Prompts will be posted in the following ways:
1) In a private whatsapp group, this is where there will be most live chat and sharing of photographs etc. Its free and open to all, to join please send me a whatsapp or text message before 1.30pm to 079 749 29589
2) On twitter, in a thread by @thelrm with hashtag #LRMAugust
3) As comments to a post on the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
4) On THIS blogpost to (hopefully, as you may be aware we do sometimes have issues accessing the site - if we cant comment they may appear as a post instead. please bare with us!) 
Thanks to John who will be staying at a screen to manage facebook, twitter and the blog whilst I am on whatsapp
Looking forward to wandering and wondering with you and seeing what we find, as ever more details from or the places mentioned above 
With love and golden apples

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