The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Augusts First Sunday

First Sunday, This Sunday and because its a year since Loitering With Intent (!) we will be retracing our footsteps to see what has changed*

Meet us 2pm outside People's History Museum Sunday 6th August. I wholeheartedly suggest getting there earlier for a look round, we will be off by 2.10. All welcome, and because the streets belong to everyone it is of course free. Issues around public/private space in Spinningfields means the rhetoric is not strictly true of course, but is nothing to stop folk wandering, wondering and chatting with us. Incidentally it is very clear photography is also "allowed" by CityCo; doubtless this will be discussed further at some point.

Anyway, please join us for some convivial, enlightening and legal psychogeographical mooching. If you need any more information please just ask

*OK: its a derive and we didn't record our exact route, we will however start and finish in the same place and see what feels different in between

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