The Loiterers Resistance Movement

A confession and a revelation

So this is a bit embarrassing. I have just realised all the blogs I thought I had been posted have not appeared. I have absolutely no idea why, but I am sorry. Going to try one again now and see what happens:

I dreamt a psychogeographical sat nav that didn’t take you from A to B the most efficient way but instead lured you into the labyrinth and (re)enchanted the streets. It took you where you needed to go, not where you wanted to be, unravelling the palimpsest, decoding signs, following desire lines, redrawing power lines, making its own map as it went along. Every foot step creates our fantasy city, because this is our playground and the streets belong to everyone.

LoneLady has made my dream come true. The psychogeographical Sat Nav is a condundrum, an impossible, enigmatic, unworkable object and a magickal teleportation device amongst other things. It manifests for Loitering With Intent in the form of music which is in turns chaotic, inspiring, menacing, joyful, brutal, tender, modern and timeless like the city it invites you to get lost in.

Only 23 physical copies will ever be made. 10 of these will be prizes in a treasure hunt. Tokens will be hidden in secret locations across Manchester. Find one and swap it for a record. Clues will be posted on and on twitter @thelrm weekly from August 10th.

The Psychogeographical Sat Nav will also be available as a free download for the duration of the festival, because we want everyone to play regardless of their location and ability to play the game:

Huge thanks and big love to the amazing Julie Campbell for creating something beyond my wildest dreams, to Birds Hit Records for pressing and everyone who managed to keep this a secret. Here's the full credits:

The Street Is Your Playground (LRM Mix)
A Psychogeographical Sat Nav by LoneLady feat. The LRM
A1. The Street Is Your Playground (LRM Mix) 7:06
B1. The Street Is Your Playground (LRM Empty Mix) 4:28

music written, recorded and produced by Julie Campbell
words written and spoken by Morag Rose

additional singing by Julie Campbell

C + P Warp 2016

More details to follow……

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