The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Update and New Clue

Still trying to assimilate the last week Walking Women at Edinburgh was truly magical. How wonderful to be surrounded by walking artists who inspire, understand, support and challenge each other. Nourishment for the creative soul and amazing to not have to justify being a women walking artist. As I left the hall and stepped blinking into the sunshine on Friday lunchtime I was sad to be leaving and aware something, somewhere was shifting in a profoud way. Huge love and thanks Clare Qualmann and Blake Morris and everyone who organised, I'm not tagging contributers and friends for fear of forgetting someone but I hope you know who you are and how important your work is.

Saturday was a walk with Chris Wood about satellites, surveillance, data collection and connections. Profound, troubling, though provoking and fun. That is the kind of thing I dreamt of when I started the Loitering With Intent Exhbition and I am thrilled to bring stuff like this to our streets. And finally on Sunday my talk on "What is Psychogeography?" and a tour of some of the art on display. A full house and later a rich debate. I hope noone noticed my voice break at the end, but my thanks were heartfelt and there has been some difficult personal stuff going on too.

In that moment I remembered a conversation with Kickball Jesus about performance, privacy, space and love and thought about a phone call recieved on my way to the Peterloo commemoration and a bottle of fizz drunk at the seaside on Tuesday before I went to Scotland. Sometimes I dont have the words to explain how my heart is bursting and my brain is whirring. There is so much pain but also so much beauty and potential and love. Lets hold onto that and each other and those beautiful blossoms that flourish in the cracks made by broken things.

In other Loitering With Intent news: 
Tom Pope's flight of fancy has flown away, but we are hoping for a reprint. We have also run out of print copies of Stepz but it can be downloaded free and I believe Tina plans to sell some. We also have some lovely new free postcards from Ways to Walk

The modernist heroines walk is now full. Other tickets are going well so I would advise booking to make sure you can get to events you want,

Thanks everyone who is adding their maps to the community board, Please keep doing so!

Last weeks LoneLady clue has not yet been solved, that means there are two tokens (and thus two records) up for grabs at the moment, Clue number 2 is

"That isn't a meteorite but I can see dolphins"

Good luck!

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