The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Instructions For December 2020 First Sunday

December 2020s First Sunday is an experiment in expansion, micro exploration and paying close attention to the spectacular in our everyday worlds. So nothing original perhaps, but as with every month something different to consider. We like contradiction, conversation and conviviality, unwrapping the multiple meanings in space. And, of course, like everyone we have had to adapt and learn to wander with Covid and so we are still wandering together alone.

Instead of a new instruction every 10 minutes there is just one script for you to interpret as you wish.

Find 23 things worthy of note on your walk(s). It’s up to you to decide what is interesting but try to ensure at least some of the things you choose are new to you. Perhaps you have noticed something beautiful or symbolic or out of place or promising or ugly or invisible or….  There isn’t a right or wrong way to this walk, go at your own pace wherever and however you wish. If in doubt about which direction to go head towards the light.

Please remember to take care as you loiter and to be respectful of others. Wearing a mask (if you can) and keeping distant is an act of care for our communities. We have two mottos “the streets belong to everyone” and “never be an arse” – whilst both remain aspirational we all do the best to try and make them a reality.

Perhaps some of your treasures can’t be recorded but if you take pictures, recording or make notes we would love to see them. There’s no pressure to complete today, or at all, but if you want to share and can’t join us for our live whatsapp we will have a virtual gathering to celebrate the solstice on December 21st (details to follow).

I’m going to start walking at 2pm BST today (Sunday 6th December) and will be sharing live via a whatsapp chat. If you want to join that conversation please send a whatsapp message to 07974929589. You can also share twitter #LoiterDec and the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”

It would be wonderful to walk with you

with love and golden apples


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