The Loiterers Resistance Movement

July First Sunday and King Street Festival

 First Sunday This Sunday and we're starting in a rather peculiar way...

I'll be on the histories soapbox at the Kings St Festival at 2pm Sunday 2nd June (I think the stage is by Tast) where I'll be talking about Manchester psychogeographies, fights for access and public space plus some other interesting stuff about our city streets. Will probably also challenge the claim this is Manchester's most iconic and historic street.... Loiterers are encouraged to come along, listen and heckle as you wish. Our wander itself will start around 2.30. We'll be playing a new variation on one of our favourite games which will enable us to explore this familiar street and perhaps uncover some of its secrets. All our welcome to join us, as ever our events are free and open to all. The walk pace and direction will be set by participants and afterwards we will gather to share stories in a convivial setting.
For more information please feel free to get in touch, on twitter @thelrm our facebook group "the loiterers resistance movement" or email
I hope to see you on the street soon.... love and golden apples
Morag Rose
PS as you can see still having a few web issues, apologies this is a hard to read, please email to be kept up to date

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