The Loiterers Resistance Movement

June First Sunday and Other Shennangans

Dear friends, comrades, lovers and loiterers
June First Sunday has managed to take me by surprise….
Lots of folk have been thinking about walking outside the city centre and so we’ll be gathering this Sunday, June 3rd, outside Trafford Bar Metrolink at 2pm for a 2.15 start (if you don’t fancy the tram the 250 and various other buses pass it by). We will be wandering down Seymour Grove and then partially retracing a route into Chorlton documented by MAP (details of their adventures are here:   ), All are very welcome to join us, and please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or comments.
There’s a couple of other items of interest too:
Ten years ago we were part of a team who created TRIP (Territories Imagined: International Perspectives) a psychogeographical conference that had resonances I don’t think any of us imaged.  According to my barely legible notes the others on the organising committee were Bon Holloway Robert Douglas Dickinson Alan Smith Anna Powell マーク レイニー Alex J Bridger Caroline Auty Geoff Bunn and Jim Aulich (cant tag the last 3; please do so if you can). A very many great folk came along, helped out, shared papers, art and wanders*. There was an accompanying festival too – Get Lost! – and I’ll upload a programme for that into the shared files.
TRIP was very far from perfect but there were many minor epiphanies, magical connections and interesting paths formed amongst the chaos. Ever since I, and I know others, have been asked when there will be another and despite murmurs TRIP2 never materialised. I’m ambivalent about this but generally relieved, not least because of the danger of reifying a thing that should be fluid (and the epic amount of work involved). However, it does feel worthy of some collective something and so an invitation to anyone and everyone involved in TRIP, or just curious about what (we think) really happened.
Meet at 7pm on 21st June in Manchester, at The Britons Protection for a walk and a talk and a see what happens. No structure and no fuss but another contribution to an ongoing conversation with no great promise but all maps unwritten (if you aren’t in town but want to join in let me know and I’ll think of something technological to link us up)
Finally the call for papers for Beyond The Pedestrian, a free event at The University of Liverpool, is now live. See the post below for details. General booking will be available soon
It would be wonderful to see you on the streets
Love and golden apples