The Loiterers Resistance Movement

March 4th 2018 First Sunday Shennanigans

Hello dear loiterers

With apologies for the late notice of March’s First Sunday derive…

Of course we won’t let something as dull as the weather deter us from a communal derive, although mutable as we are we may change shape…. We will be gathering at 3PM tomorrow (note slightly unusual time) at The Britons Protection for a wander in various dimensions; imaginary, physical and perhaps, if you wander in the right direction, spaces in between.

Because we love music as much as wandering we have a few non-psychogeographical notes for you.

Our friend and inspiration LoneLady has created #scrubtransmission, and I believe there is still time to complete an expedition: map and inspirational creativity here:

Next Thursday its my annual gig shenanigans, always very special and loiterers always welcome, please join the wonderful Hannah Aldridge and Quiet Loner at the Castle, tickets here

Finally, if you fancy a treat on Sunday after the derive The Handsome Family are at Academy 3, I will be there because, well, they are my favourite band

Hope to see you for a wander and a wiggle soon, in the meantime keep warm and wonderful


Morag xx

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