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May 2024 First Sunday Full Details

Dear friends and loiterers

As promised, here’s the information about May’s First Sunday. It is being facilitated by walking artist extraordinaire Blake Morris at The Walk Exchange. Find out more about Blake here: and The Walk Exchange here:

Here’s the invitation from them (UK folk: it’s a 3pm start this month)


Manchester and NYC: A Walk in two Quays        

This Sunday, The Walk Exchange will join the Loiterer’s Resistance Movement (LRM), the UK’s longest running group dedicated to psychogeography, for a simultaneous wander in New York City and Manchester England. Since 2006, The LRM has been gathering the first Sunday of every month for “some kind of communal wander, public dérive, or drift”; in May we will join them. Starting at two different quays, Salford Quays and Quay Tower in Brooklyn Heights, the walks will explore the different riverfronts, while looking to “uncover hidden histories and discover the extraordinary in the mundane” and engage with pertinent questions about urban development, rights of access and ways of changing our engagement with the urban landscape. Connected through a shared WhatsApp Group, the walk will consider the things that connect us at a distance while also digging in to the particularities of our local walking experience.

The walk is free and open to all. We will be deciding the route together and will work as a collective to make the walk accessible to everyone who joins.

Date: 5 May

Start time: 10AM EDT // 3PM BST

Starting Location USA: Quay Tower, Brooklyn Heights, New York City (50 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11201) Time: 10 AM EDT

Starting Location UK: Broadway Metrolink Stop, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ
Time: 3PM BST

Online / remote participation by whatsapp: please message 07974929589 or email by 10am BST on Sunday 5th May to be added to the private group chat. Please remember to share your name and country code when you get in touch

Length: 90-120 minutes.

Cost: Free

For More Information:


Thanks so much to Blake, and please remember we are always open to collaboration, comments and ideas for future wanders, please get in touch with The LRM via X @thelrm, our facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement” email mlrose@thelrm or text/whatsapp 07974929589

With love and golden apples

Morag xx

PS we think Blake is right to say we are the longest running psychogeography group, but if anyone knows different please holler (and yes we like the oxymoron of running loiterers)

PPS UK Folks: please note the 3pm start time

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