The Loiterers Resistance Movement

October 2022 First Sunday

Hooray! Its First Sunday this Sunday and so time for a communal wander.

We will be exploring some of our favourite subjects: rivers, regeneration and play in our city. However the plan for this month is slightly different to most loiters because we know the end point…

We will meet 2pm on October 2nd at Deansgate Square. I will be sat somewhere on the plaza looking out onto the River Medlock. We will then follow part of the river through other new developments that have transformed its banks – from Deansgate Square we will head to Circle Square and then over to the new Mayfield Park. All three sites have both increased and restricted access through the paradox of public / private places and I am sure this will be one of many subjects under discussion. I’m especially looking forward to exploring Mayfield as last time The LRM visited it was under construction and more green space is always welcome.

If you wish to join us virtually for a watery wander in cyberspace please find a map of The Medlock – or a river of your choosing – and follow it wherever you are. You can share images and chat on our live whatsapp group that will be set up specifically for this walk. To join it please send a message to 07974929589 including your name, phone number and international code if you are outside the UK. Alternatively you can share on twitter @thelrm #Medlock

As ever our events are free and open to anyone. Our pace will be determined by the group but I anticipate we will be out for around 2 hours. If you have any questions or specific access requirements please feel free to contact me

I hope to see you on the streets soon

With love and golden apples


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