The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Penultimate Treasure Hunt Clue & Final Event/Hint

Token number nine:

"'ella, 'ella, ella, eh eh
It's a right of way"

Still only one record has been claimed.... if you are after additional clues I suggest the curator's talk on Thursday 13th October - 6pm at People's History Museum - may be useful.

When the exhibition closes on Friday at 5pm one of the tokens will no longer be able to be found and the song will vanish from soundcloud. We'll decide what to do with unclaimed records sometime soon(ish)

In the meantime Lonelady is here in all her magnificence:

Here's a round up of the other unsolved clues, each leads to a location where a token is hidden in the vicinity. 

"We used to play here when it was still a real field. Bingo Jesus watched over a place of parties, protest and sanctuary as we waiting for the spaceships to arrive"
"This was a Stella Bench to go bushing"
"Sous les paves, la plage
Sous la plage, le jeton!"

"We were born near this island, but fire, flood and the escalating cost of a pint mean we can never go home"
"Take a peep into time"

"Chtcheglov says you'll never see the building, it doesn't exist, but the geese opposite disagree. They have never been bored in the city"

"get wisdom and with all thy wisdom get understanding. Next door you can make some noise so get between the covers with our Folk"



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