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Save Access to Our River Irwell: Important Update

Hi everyone,
A bit more info about the fight to stop enclosure of the Irwell towpath which you may have heard about (TL;DR - we dont think it's right to steal a right of way and divert it through a hotel. We need more public access and active travel cos green and blue space is good for all of us)
Zoom meeting today – 17th August – 6pm BST
please message me for the meeting code/password. This won’t be the only conversation; we want to be as open and accessible as we can, ideas v welcome
SOS we are fighting to save this Right of Way along the River Irwell at Ralli Quays. Planning Permission has been given to close the path and divert the path through a hotel lobby (!) which will not be fully accessible to the public. The alternative route (Stanley Street) is not adjacent to the river and is permissive only ie could also be taken away
We lost the planning committee meeting BUT the fight is not over. We have learnt permission has not been fully granted yet as Salford Council are negotiating with the developers re their Section 106 contribution (ie the stuff they will do for the community). More importantly the power to close a right of way lies with The Department of Transport (DFT) and they have NOT granted a Stopping Up Order yet; they can’t because of the above and we are hopeful we can win if there is enough support for a public inquiry when the Stopping Up request is triggered
Why does this matter?
The Principle: Who, and what, is The Irwell for? We don’t think public land should be enclosed for private profit. Rights of Way are our Rights.
The Potential: We loose the opportunity of a better, longer walk along the river from the city centre to Salford Quays and maybe even beyond to Liverpool.
The Place: The Irwell is an important part of our Industrial Heritage. It provides respite from the city, green and blue spaces are vital for our health and well being. We need to protect our environment, promote sustainability including active travel.
NB We do NOT oppose the development in general, but we want it to be amended so there is no need to remove the public right of way
What can you do?
1. If you live in Salford, particularly Blackfriars and Trinity please write to your councillors and MP letting them know you value this towpath and ask them to advocate for a Section106 that maintains a fully accessible riverside right ot way. The Planning App ref is Ralli Quays 3 Stanley Street Salford (planning application 21/78277/FUL) Find your Cllr here:
2. If you wrote to the Department of Transport to object to the Stopping Up Order please can you let me know so we have evidence of support. The order is on hold at the moment so we are waiting to see what happens next. We are asking for a public inquiry if the Order is not withdrawn. Ref is Ralli Quays Salford (NATTRAN/NW/S247/4804) email
3. Show the area some love. Please let us know if you value the benches, towpath, river. We are up for any creative ideas too (but please, obviously take care of the water). Thanks to Steven Lindsay for excellent work clearing the path #OurIrwell
4. Watch this space for updates – when we hear from the DFT we may need to act quickly. You can email me and dms are open. Any ideas, information, support welcome
More info:
Please share with anyone who might be interested
love and power

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