The Loiterers Resistance Movement

The Great LoneLady / LRM Treasure Hunt is ON!

The psychogeographical sat nav is a collaboration between the marvellous LoneLady and The LRM. You can read all about it below. The music is freely available to all but the physical object - a 10" single with handmade cover art - can only be obtained by careful searching and a huge dollop of luck.

I got up early to hide the first token and the clue to find it is below, but first please have a read of this:

Rules (Well, not so much rules of course but guidelines)

O  Tokens are hidden in public space (eg streets, parks) or places that are free to enter to the general public within Greater Manchester.
O  Locations are referenced in Loitering With Intent in various ways if you require additional clues
O  No tokens require entering private space (houses, shops etc), causing any damage whatsover (eg digging) or taking undue risk (eg climbing structures)
O  Please use common sense and be polite when hunting. Remember the city is alive and be careful crossing roads etc.
O  We can't control the discs now they are out in the world but we hope they will be discovered by folk who play fair and love music
O  Clues will be published every Wednesday starting 10th August whilst Loitering With Intent: The Art and Politics of Walking is on at People's History Museum
O  Each clue leads to one token which can be swapped for a record by the first person to find it. There are ten tokens and ten records in all
O When you find a token email with details of where. Please give the number on the token

and so, drum roll please..... the first clue..... yes we are starting with an easy one:

We used to play here when it is was still a real field. Bingo Jesus watched over a place of parties, protest and sanctuary as we waited for the spaceships to arrive.

Happy hunting xx

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