The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Other events in June and July

TL;DR three online conversations, a real world festival, a gig and a reading group. It would be ace to see you at any or all of these. And yes, there is also a First Sunday walk this Sunday 6th June – Markus is leading a Soundwalk, details in post below
Tuesday 8th June
Blake Morris and I discuss the relationship between diverse bodies, cyberspace, and movement for the walk, listen, create café. It’s a continuation of wander we started here:
Thursday 17th June
I’m the provocateur for the Working Class Academics Chai Conversation (more on this nearer the time)
Wednesday 23rd June 7.30pm
Walking Bodies: Scores and Exchanges
An evening of walking arts hosted by Triarchy Press to celebrate
the recent publication of the book Get your free ticket on Eventbrite here:
Editors Helen Bee, Claire Hind and Phil Smith have invited four leading walking artists to respond to the themes and context of the book and to get us all talking about walking now. We welcome:
Ishita Jain: ‘Writing the Walking’
Morag Rose: ‘And, and, and.... Towards a Criptasticly Expanded Walk’
Blake Morris ‘Walking and the Art of Invitation’
Jody Oberfelder: ‘Life Traveler’
Saturday 3rd July time tbc
I am beyond excited to be at an actual festival especially as Dee Heddon is also there with the Walking Library, plus there’s some ace music and other stuff happening too
Thursday 29th July probably but it’s a bit sketchy
A gig, of sorts, with music and shenanigans and the broken doll orchestra and whatnot, hopefully but I may regret sharing this as its so new we don’t even have a name for it Mark Robinson
Finally, inspired by Sheffield friends (re)visiting classic books I’ve organised a reading group looking at Society of the Spectacle (there’s an online copy at the always excellent bureau of public secrets here Its very informal, friendly, critical discussion and you don’t have to come to every session – but please do read the sections beforehand
5pm Monday 7the June prologue and chapters 1-3
5pm Monday 21st June 4-6
5pm Monday 12th July 7-9 and beyond
To get the zoom link please email me

For more details on all the above please email or tweet @thelrm or text/whatsapp

June 2021 First Sunday Sound Walk

It's First Sunday, This Sunday and time for some more wandering together, apart. I am really delighted that this month’s Loiter is being facilitated by Markus Hetheier who will be taking us on a soundwalk. I’ll let Markus tell you more:

“Join me for a remote soundwalk this Sunday at 2 pm. The soundwalk will be conducted via Whatsapp. It will contain taking spontaneous routes and recording any sounds that sound interesting to you via the voice note function on Whatsapp and directly share with the others in the group. After the soundwalk everyone is asked to draw a soundmap, a representation of which sounds you encountered during your soundwalk, as a reflective practice to conclude the walk. These maps can be shared via Whatsapp.”

The soundwalk will start 2pm BST on Sunday 6th June. You can take part wherever you are at whatever speed / to whatever extent you wish but please take care of yourself and the people and places you wander with.

To join the live whatsapp chat please text / whatsapp me on 07974929589 by 12 noon on Sunday.
I will also be tweeting instructions and key points @thelrm #Loiter

There will be a zoom chat at 4pm BST on Sunday to share observations and have a chat about whatever else you fancy – here are the joining details

Time: Jun 6, 2021 04:00 PM London

Meeting ID: 919 8892 1967  Passcode: 2wS^1$DY

As ever First Sunday is free for anyone and everyone and I welcome ideas for future walks. There are a few other events coming up in June and hopefully an in person walk soon as well – more details soon

With love and golden apples

Morag xx


PS   Markus Hetheier is an electronic music producer, sound artist and research student. When wearing his electronic music hat, he is performing under his stage name Industries that links the post-industrial past of his German hometown to Manchester. Here, he started producing and releasing his electronic music following his studies at the School of Electronic Music in 2018. His music explores and subverts musical structures and ranges from field recordings, distorted sounds to harmonic melodies and large beats. As sound artist he has an interest in soundwalks and field recordings and collaborates across disciplines and media. His sound work ranges from sound art, audio-visual collaborations to workshops and podcasts. He recently started his practice-led PhD at the Manchester Metropolitan University where he is working on an interdisciplinary digital media project which will explore the relationship between the self and Manchester through soundmaps and psychogeography.


May 2021 First Sunday

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

It’s First Sunday, This Sunday and so time for some #psychogeography and also May Day celebrations. After a lovely diversion with asynchronicity we are drifting back into a live, shared walk connecting via whats app.

I will start at 2pm GMT on Sunday 2nd May and will share a series of prompts for you to interpret wherever you are, indoors or outside.

You are very welcome to join the live private chat group on whatsapp. This is where I will be and its a place to share pictures, sounds and words in real time. To take part please send me a text or whatsapp message to 079 749 29589 or email Please include your name and number, including international code if you are outside the UK.

Alternatively the prompts will be shared by me on twitter @thelrm  #LoiterMay and in the facebook group. If you need any more information or have any questions please get in touch. Don't forget to take care of yourself, and each other, whilst exploring.

I am hoping we will be able to meet in person again later this year, perhaps in August – I’m really keen to try and combine this with retaining the new virtual connections we have made so would be very glad to hear from you if you have any suggestions for the directions we could take

Take care and walk well


PS I would be very grateful if you could please share your experiences of walking during the pandemic with the #WalkCreate team – there’s a survey here for anyone and everyone and also if you are an artist that uses walking a place to share your work here

April 2021 First Sunday

Dear friends and Springtime loiterers

It’s First Sunday, this Sunday and so time to wander and wonder together again. It’s also the Easter holiday and there is a slow unfurling of many things so I’m sharing an asynchronous set of prompts. This means you can do them whenever, wherever you like. There won’t be a live whatsapp group  but you can of course share your walk with me – I always love to see where you are and what you discover. For those who would like a convivial chat I’ve organised a zoom catch up – using a bit of creative time keeping I’ve shifted it to Tuesday 6th April at 8pm and all are welcome.

Here’s the prompts

Start wherever you want to and follow each of these instructions for as long as you wish. As you walk remember to take care of yourself, others and your environment. Please stay safe.

Look for the colour yellow, how many kinds of yellow can you spot?
Look up – what is happening on rooftops, in the sky, above your usual sightline
Look down. What do you notice? What patterns or portals or traces can you find?
Follow the non-human. Where does paying attention to lichen, flowers, birds, insects or animals lead you? What can they teach you?
Listen, focus on what you can hear and follow a sound
Smell, follow your nose and map the scents you notice
Feel the ground beneath you, find different textures to walk on

To share your walk, or for questions, comments and ideas about future events please get in touch by email
twitter @thelrm
facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
phone / text / whatsapp 07974929589

Here’s a link to the zoom meeting on Tuesday

Meeting ID: 966 3573 4136

Passcode: U#3@QAxj

I hope to walk with you soon, together alone or in person

with love and cherry blossoms

Morag xx

March 2021 First Sunday

Apologies for a retrospective post; for some reason I could not access the website last week. As ever, please email text/ whatsapp 07974929589 or check twitter @thelrm if news does not appear here. And if anyone fancies helping sort this website out please do let me know

Dear friends, lovers and loiterers
Its First Sunday, this Sunday, 7th March.
It’s also a year since the last time we walked together in the physical world and gosh how I have missed that sensation. However, we are still able to walk together, alone, and the distance means we can build connections across wider areas. I hope we can retain some of this when we are able to be together again in Manchester, of course I can not say when that will be, time plays tricks, but I keep everything crossed it will be soon.
This weekend will be another experiment, inspired by feedback from those who prefer asynchronous walks or feel a bit overwhelmed by whatsapp. This means the instructions are here for you now and you can use them whenever, wherever, however you like.
For those who want to share and have a chat there will be a zoom meeting at 3pm this Sunday, 7th March, where we can discuss your walks and anything else you fancy talking about.
Here is the script to follow, please interpret however you wish but remember to take care of yourself, others and the environment you walk through.
Start wherever you like and head in the opposite direction to the one you would usually choose.
Try to head in the straightest line you can, until you can’t or you fancy a change of direction.
Look for the following things whilst you are wandering:
Something shiny
Something strange
Something ancient
Something new
Something that makes you think of someone you love
Something precious
Something you don’t like
Something that gives you hope for the future
After your walk, sit down, have a drink and make a map of where you went. It could be a map made of words or drawings or photos or artefacts or feelings or something else. It would be splendid if you shared it (email / tweet @thelrm / text or whatsapp 07974929589 / facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”) but of course you are welcome regardless.
Wherever you are may you go well and find wonderful moments in these dark times
Love and solidarity
Morag xxx

February 2021 First Sunday

Dear Friends, lovers and loiterers,
First Sunday This Sunday so time for a wander
I hope you are finding some ways to get through. I've been delighted to see snowdrops and daffodils emerging out of the gloom. If you fancy connecting with others and exploring creative walking at your own pace and in your own way you would be very welcome to join us as we walk together, alone this Sunday.
I will start at 2pm GMT on Sunday 5th February and will share a series of prompts for you to interpret wherever you are, indoors or outside.
You are very welcome to join the live private chat group on whatsapp. This is where I will be and its a place to share pictures, sounds and words in real time. To take part please send me a text or whatsapp message to 079 749 29589 or email Please include your name and number, including international code if you are outside the UK.
Alternatively the prompts will be shared by me on twitter @thelrm #LoiterFeb and in the facebook group. If you need any more information or have any questions please get in touch. Don't forget to take care of yourself, and each other, whilst exploring.
Ideas for future walks are always welcome, and I hope the time when we can meet in the real world is not too far away. The LRM are 15 this year and it would be splendid to celebrate in some way
I hope to walk with you somehow soon,
love and golden apples
Morag xx

First First Sunday of 2021

Dear friends and fellow wanderers

I hope you are continuing to find glimmers of magic and moments of joy in these dark times and that the festive period has been what you needed, if not what you wanted. I won’t add to the acres of analysis about this year but I will say thank you for being part of The LRM and helping sustain this psychogeographicalish journey into our 15th year.

We will carry on and this weekend the first First Sunday of 2021 provides another opportunity to walk together, alone and connect through more than physical means. As ever all are welcome, we ask only that you take care of yourself and all those you encounter. Here in Manchester that means wandering solo or inbubbles, keeping safe distances, wearing a mask and – as ever – not being an arse. Staying away remains an act of care but that does not mean we can not walk creatively and make new connections. I don’t know yet when we will actually meet and walk in the same place again yet but when we do I will try and retain the best bits of the digital adaption. For me this means being able to share with loiterers from anywhere and everywhere, whether inside or outside and remaining open to being as accessible as possible. New ideas always gratefully received.

My wander will begin at 2pm GMT on Sunday 3rd January. The prompt is simple but contains multitudes and you can of course use it at a time and in a way that suits you.

Look for signs of hope and unity and creativity and possibility. What do you want for 2021 and beyond?  If you are unsure which direction to head pause and be silent, then walk towards the faintest sound you here.

There are several ways to join in:

  1. There will be a live chat group on whatsapp set up for this walk only and it will be active between 2pm-4pm this Sunday. It’s a place to share words, thoughts, images and discoveries. To join please email me ( or send a text or whatsapp message to 079 749 29589 before 12 noon on Sunday 3rd
  2. You can also share via twitter @thelrm #Loiter2021 or facebook “the loiterers resistance movement” and these will be picked up later
  3. The post walk zoom chat at 3.30pm on the 3rd – it’s open to anyone interested in loitering – share discoveries made on this walk or any other, suggestions for directions for future LRM activities or just have a blether about something interesting. Here’s the link:

Meeting ID: 956 6761 2930  Passcode: n0$R.cDj

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me, it would be splendid to walk with you

With love and golden apples

Morag xx

Instructions For December 2020 First Sunday

December 2020s First Sunday is an experiment in expansion, micro exploration and paying close attention to the spectacular in our everyday worlds. So nothing original perhaps, but as with every month something different to consider. We like contradiction, conversation and conviviality, unwrapping the multiple meanings in space. And, of course, like everyone we have had to adapt and learn to wander with Covid and so we are still wandering together alone.

Instead of a new instruction every 10 minutes there is just one script for you to interpret as you wish.

Find 23 things worthy of note on your walk(s). It’s up to you to decide what is interesting but try to ensure at least some of the things you choose are new to you. Perhaps you have noticed something beautiful or symbolic or out of place or promising or ugly or invisible or….  There isn’t a right or wrong way to this walk, go at your own pace wherever and however you wish. If in doubt about which direction to go head towards the light.

Please remember to take care as you loiter and to be respectful of others. Wearing a mask (if you can) and keeping distant is an act of care for our communities. We have two mottos “the streets belong to everyone” and “never be an arse” – whilst both remain aspirational we all do the best to try and make them a reality.

Perhaps some of your treasures can’t be recorded but if you take pictures, recording or make notes we would love to see them. There’s no pressure to complete today, or at all, but if you want to share and can’t join us for our live whatsapp we will have a virtual gathering to celebrate the solstice on December 21st (details to follow).

I’m going to start walking at 2pm BST today (Sunday 6th December) and will be sharing live via a whatsapp chat. If you want to join that conversation please send a whatsapp message to 07974929589. You can also share twitter #LoiterDec and the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”

It would be wonderful to walk with you

with love and golden apples


December 2020 First Sunday

Dear friends, loiterers and precious wanderers
Its First Sunday this Sunday and so time for our final First Sunday of the year. To be honest this one has taken me a bit by surprise so apologies the notice is a little later than usual. I’m sure its not just me who has found time elastic and a bit warped during the pandemic.
We are, for all the obvious reasons, still walking together alone and connecting digitally. This month we will be sharing some creative walking prompts you can use wherever (and whenever) you are inside and out. Please remember to take care of yourself and everyone else whilst we explore.
I will start walking at 2.00pm BST on December 6th for about 90 minutes. Please do join me by whichever method you prefer:
1) Join the live chat on whatsapp where I will set up a group just for sharing words, pictures and sounds during the walk. All welcome, but please let me know you want to join us by 10am BST on Sunday by messaging / whatsapping 079 749 29589 or sending me an email
2) We will also post the prompts on twitter @thelrm #LoiterDec
3) There will also be a thread on the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
We are always open to new ideas, new technologies, new wanderers and ways of exploring space so do please get in touch if you have any questions, comments, daydreams or epiphanies to share.
There will be one more LRM event this year so watch this space for details…
In the meantime thanks as always for your support and I wish you and yours wonderful wanders
With love and golden apples
Morag Rose

November 2020 First Sunday

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

It’s first Sunday, this Sunday and so time for some psychogeography. This month our shenanigans also coincide with other celebrations too….Hallowe’en, Samhain, gothmas, Allhallowtide, whatever you call it we think there is a special weekend coming up, despite (because of?) all those times our everyday clothes were confused with fancy dress.

Therefore I think it’s time for an experiment…. A walk in your own time and then a coming together to share what we discover. Maybe this won’t work, and that’s OK, but I wanted to figure out something that included folk who can’t access the whatsapp conversation. We are still walking together alone, connecting through technology, and it still ain’t perfect but here is something which I hope all loiterers can enjoy whether you are  anti-social and enjoying hermitude or, like me, feeling a bit diminished and missing blether, revelations and the time to talk to each other.

Between now and whenever you like wander using this short script as your guide. Use it wherever you fancy, inside or out, but please remember to take care, observing your local Covid advice and respecting the space you are in as well as whoever you are sharing it with.

“Be still and pause for a moment. Now, focus on finding the magic in your everyday. Follow your nose or your heart or your imagination as you seek signs of enchantment and wonder. Interpret this as you will, whether you seek evidence of fairies, hauntings, alchemy or trickery it is up to you. How does the supernatural or unexplained permeate our world?”  

For those who want to share a spell of sociability through a screen there’s a zoom chat on Sunday 1st at 3pm and all are welcome. Please bring your own beverages, familiars, tricks or treats. Here’s the zoom link:

Meeting ID: 983 7421 1621  Passcode: =z1bNGER

Please make sure your screen name is recognisable or drop me a line to say you are coming so you don’t loiter in waiting room purgatory

Please do let me know if you go for a wander, even if you don’t want to join the zoom. Questions, comments and collaborations for future First Sundays are always gratefully received too. You can get in touch with me by email or twitter @thelrm or at the facebook group.

With love and golden apples


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