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Final LoneLady Treasure Hunt Clue

Last day of Loitering With Intent today and also the last clue in the great LoneLady treasure hunt. The tokens to swap for a psychogeographical sat nav will stay in their hidey holes for a while yet but the track will vanish from the internet later today so listen now if you haven't. Here is that fi…

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Penultimate Treasure Hunt Clue & Final Event/Hint

Token number nine:

"'ella, 'ella, ella, eh eh
It's a right of way"

Still only one record has been claimed.... if you are after additional clues I suggest the curator's talk on Thursday 13th October - 6pm at People's History Museum - may be useful.

When the exhibition closes on Friday at 5…

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latest treasure hunt clue

"get wisdom and with all thy wisdom get understanding. Next door you can make some noise so get between the covers with our Folk

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