The Loiterers Resistance Movement

January 2023 Wander Details

Dear friends and comrades in loitering

The First First Sunday wander of 2023 will take place this Sunday, 8th January (yes, I know that’s an interesting definition of “First Sunday” but sometimes time-slips).

Join me at 2pm, Piccadilly Gardens, near the metal memorial tree. We can excavate the remnants of Christmas, make and break resolutions and take steps to re-enchant the new year…..

As ever all are welcome, the direction and pace will be decided by the group according to our collective needs and desires. Our one rule is not to be an arse: to take care of and respect each other, ourselves and the spaces we walk through. We will finish around 4pm somewhere convivial for an optional beverage and blether. If you would like to join us remotely please contact me before 12 noon on Sunday and I will set up a whatsapp group or find another way to share our walks.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions, comments or need more information. I would particularly appreciate any suggestions for start points, themes or other ideas for future First Sunday.

Here’s my contact details:
twitter @thelrm
text/whatsapp 07974929589
facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”

If you tend to use the website for information about events please be aware I have been having a few issues with it so if updates don’t appear please do check those other ways

My heartfelt thanks as ever for all who loiter with me

Love and golden apples

Morag xx

PS more about Glossop, Engels and the Right to Roam events soon 

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