The Loiterers Resistance Movement

March First Sunday

First Sunday, This Sunday and so the perfect time for some curious, collective wanders exploring Manchester #psychogeography.

Find us 2pm 1.3.20 in Sackville Gardens near the Turing statue. All welcome + free because the streets belong to everyone. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need more info. The pace + direction is made up as we go along..... We'll leave the park at 2.15 and see where the fancy takes us, having a blether and a brew at the end to share stories. I hope to see you on the streets xx

February 2020 First Sunday

First Sunday This Sunday and we will be starting 2pm 2nd February in All Saints Park, Oxford Road, because I realise with some surprise we have never actually started there before. Our wanders will be guided using an undated version of an old favourite derive prompt. As ever all are welcome and its free to come and play with us. The walk will be at a pace, and direction, decided by participants and will probably head off in different directions.... It will last around 2 hours, please be punctual because we don't know where we will go and so you may not find us. I'll be near the stone circle in the middle of the park. If you have any questions or comments or need more information please don't hesitate to get in touch by commenting on the facebook page, emailing or tweeting @thelrm

First First Sunday Wander of 2020

Hello dearhearts and fellow travellers
It's First Sunday this Sunday and so we will, as is customary, greet the new year with a wander and a wonder. Please join me and whoever else turns up at 2pm, 5th January, at Greengate Square Salford.
We'll be there for 10 minutes or so before embarking on a metaphysical treasure hunt. All are welcome to join us, and, because the streets belong to everyone, it is of course free to anyone who fancies some Manchester and Salford flavoured psychogeography. The direction and pace of the walk will be divined collectively and we will finish somewhere suitable for all for a brew and blether. Because I don't know where we will be going please be punctual or risk not finding us!
If you have any questions or need more information please feel free to email or comment on the facebook group "the loiterers resistance movement". If you are on twitter @thelrm has more frequent news and updates as well; I'm aiming to share more words and pictures from my derives there.
In 2020 I'm remaking my resolution to keep walk carefully, curiously and creatively and move on towards the city of my dreams, it would be splendid to share the journey with you
with love and golden apples
Morag x

Decembers First Sunday

Greetings dear friends and fellow loiterers
First Sunday This Sunday and we will be gathering for our last wander of the year. The location has been chosen by request, we also explored the area at night last month and we will be marking change in our own curious way.
Please join us this Sunday, December 1st, starting 2pm in Cutting Room Square Ancoats.
For those who wish to join us for the first time or just fancy a refresher here's some useful info. Our walks are always free and everyone is welcome. The pace and direction is set by participants according to their needs and desires. This is NOT a guided tour but a psychogeographical exploration and experiment in creative walking with interesting folk.
We move through the city together so please come prepared to navigate the urban environment. Walks last a maximum of 2 hours and finish somewhere where we can have a chat and share travellers tales.
If you have any questions, specific access requirements or need more information please do get in touch twitter @thelrm or on our facebook group "the loiterers resistance movement." I hope to see you on the streets soon With love and golden apples
Morag xx

Novembers First Sunday and PSPO Update / Call for Help

First Sunday This Sunday.... and we will be with lots of other creative wanderers at Walkings New Movement in Plymouth. So instead we will meet for a mid week night time derive.....
Join us 7pm Wednesday November 6th in Cutting Room Square Ancoats. Please try and be prompt as we will be moving on by 7.10 and I can't share a route because I don't know where we will be going..... As ever our walk will be free and open to all. For more information please see twitter @thelrm or email
At the heart of The LRM is the belief the streets belong to everyone and we want to make Manchester a more interesting, equal and compassionate place. Although we are not party political, and know there are a lot of huge issues that need tackling, we also pay close attention to the everyday and so I’ve been actively involved in campaigns against Public Space Protection Orders.
The proposals for a Central Manchester PSPO are going to the Equality and Scrutiny Committee on 7th November. Many people believe this is an inhumane and ineffective piece of legislation that will criminalise homeless people. More details on why we want to stop this can be found via the Greater Manchester Law Centre GMHA (Greater Manchester Housing Action) my views here
We are asking you to please take a stand. These are the simple but effective actions you can take that we really believe can make a difference.
1) Email members of the scrutiny committee and / or your local councillors to tell them you oppose the PSPO. Here is a list of the committee members: Please use your own words. It doesn’t have to be a long email but please try to give at least one reason why you think the PSPO is a bad idea. There is lots of information on the GMHA and Law Centre websites you can use, or have a look at the letter below.
2) If you are part of an organisation, community or faith group or suchlike please sign this open letter to show your opposition to the plans by Saturday 2nd as we will be publishing it on Sunday 3rd
3) If possible please come to the Scrutiny Committee meeting 2-4pm on Thursday November 7th in Manchester Town Hall. It would be helpful if you could email Rachel McKeon who is the officer responsible for the meeting just so we are in a big enough room. Details are here:
There is an excellent chance we can stop this happening, please do help if you can
I hope to see you on the streets soon, with love and golden apples
Morag Rose xx

Octobers First Sunday

Hello friends and fellow loiterers

As promised here are details of Octobers First Sunday, actually happening on the Second Sunday because, well, we like to make things up as we go along....

We will be meeting 11am outside Fred Aldous on Stephenson Square for a performative, participartory wander and wonder. Its part of the Social Surfaces Festival and is as ever free and open to all. For information about the rest of the weekend, including walks, talks and films see
The website is not usually the best way to find out about The LRM events, please see twitter @thelrm, the loiterers resistance movement group on facebook or email to find out more
See you on the streets
Morag x

September First Sunday and Other Adventures....

Good morning loiterers
Its First Sunday this Sunday and so we will be wandering together in central Mcr, meeting 2pm in Piccadilly Gardens on Sunday 1st September.
in the meantime a few other points of hopeful interest:
  1. This Friday in London The three Doctors (Phil Smith Jo Norcup and I) present Jelly Babies, Bad Wolf and the Junkyard inside Me: The Geographies of Doctor Who. It's part of the RGS-IGB conference, please dm if you want more details
  2. I'll be at the Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography in Huddersfield on Friday 6th September, more details here Its not clear from the programme but I will be performing with music and sharing a new project for the first (and probably only) time
  3. Octobers First Sunday will actually be on the Second Sunday of the month, because something special is being planned. Watch this space for more...
As ever feel free to get in touch via twitter @thelrm facebook or email
I hope to see you on the streets soon, until then be fantastic xx

Augusts First Sunday

First Sunday This Sunday and a return to "normal" service
after last months walk in a park.
Heeding calls to explore Cheetham Hill Road and its environment we'll be meeting Sunday 4th August 2pm outside The Park Inn (early loiterers can admire our old friend The Irk; we wont be in the hotel). As ever everyone is welcome and its free because the streets should belong to everyone. The wander will be directed by whoever turns up and after a couple of hours we will stop and have a convivial chat.
If you need any more information or have questions, comments or psychogeographical musings please feel free to get in touch before via our facebook group, email or twitter @thelrm 

Hope to see you on the streets soon
Love and Golden Apples
Morag x

July 2019 First Sunday, a Walk in a Park

First Sunday This Sunday and as suggested we are going somewhere different....
Lets explore Heaton Park. We'll catch the first tram after 2pm from St Peters Square tram stop (it should be 14.11 if things are on time). It arrives at Heaton Park 23ish minutes later - so if you want to meet us at the Heaton Park metrolink please get there for 2.30. The unexpected element public transport always brings means it might be tricky to find us if you aren't at the tram stop on time so please try to be punctual
Please bring whatever tools you feel you need to investigate the environment and remember everyone who joins us helps direct the day. As ever our #psychogeography is free and open to all, if you have any access issues or want a chat first feel fee to get in touch. You can leave a cooment here, tweet @thelrm email or call the hotline 079 749 29589 Be wonderful to have you wandering with us love and golden apples Morag x

July First Sunday and King Street Festival

 First Sunday This Sunday and we're starting in a rather peculiar way...

I'll be on the histories soapbox at the Kings St Festival at 2pm Sunday 2nd June (I think the stage is by Tast) where I'll be talking about Manchester psychogeographies, fights for access and public space plus some other interesting stuff about our city streets. Will probably also challenge the claim this is Manchester's most iconic and historic street.... Loiterers are encouraged to come along, listen and heckle as you wish. Our wander itself will start around 2.30. We'll be playing a new variation on one of our favourite games which will enable us to explore this familiar street and perhaps uncover some of its secrets. All our welcome to join us, as ever our events are free and open to all. The walk pace and direction will be set by participants and afterwards we will gather to share stories in a convivial setting.
For more information please feel free to get in touch, on twitter @thelrm our facebook group "the loiterers resistance movement" or email
I hope to see you on the street soon.... love and golden apples
Morag Rose
PS as you can see still having a few web issues, apologies this is a hard to read, please email to be kept up to date

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