The Loiterers Resistance Movement

August 2020 Walking Today

The general theme for today's walk is our relationship with the “natural” landscape. We’ll be thinking about flora, fauna, greenspace amidst our everyday environment and as ever you are welcome to interpret the instructions however, and wherever you choose. Please do remember to be respectful of what ever else is happening in the space you explore. Please be safe and take care of yourself and others, this includes following whatever your local guidelines around Covid19 are
I’ll start wandering in Manchester at 2pm and there will be a new prompt shared every 10 minutes or so for the next ninety minutes. Think of these as conversation starters with the space you are in, whether its inside or out, some of them will overlap with each other, some may not work as well in your environment but have a think about them all. Be as creative or as literal as you fancy, but please do share what you find in some way.
Prompts will be posted in the following ways:
1) In a private whatsapp group, this is where there will be most live chat and sharing of photographs etc. Its free and open to all, to join please send me a whatsapp or text message before 1.30pm to 079 749 29589
2) On twitter, in a thread by @thelrm with hashtag #LRMAugust
3) As comments to a post on the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
4) On THIS blogpost to (hopefully, as you may be aware we do sometimes have issues accessing the site - if we cant comment they may appear as a post instead. please bare with us!) 
Thanks to John who will be staying at a screen to manage facebook, twitter and the blog whilst I am on whatsapp
Looking forward to wandering and wondering with you and seeing what we find, as ever more details from or the places mentioned above 
With love and golden apples

August 2020 First Sunday

Hello everyone

It’s first Sunday, this Sunday and so time to walk together again. As I explained last month we will continue with the physically disconnected methods for now so everyone who wants to can join in, wherever they are, inside or out.

I’ll post the derive instructions on Sunday morning for you to adapt as you wish. They will be on facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement” and twitter @thelrm as well as the blog

I will be walking at 2pm in Manchester for those who want a synchronised wander.

The whatsapp group will be the place for sharing as we walk at the same time with photographs and live chat, it’s a private group just for this event so if you want to be part of it please email with your number or send me an SMS or Whatsapp message to 07974929589 by 12 noon on Sunday

Derive reports can also be shared on facebook or twitter @thelrm #LRMAugust later, I always love to see where everyone has gone and what you have discovered.

The general theme for the walk will be our relationship to the environment, flora, fauna and greenspace and we will seek out “the natural” in our everyday landscapes

It would be brilliant to have you wandering along with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, comments or ideas for future events

Love and golden apples


July 2020 First Sunday Walk

Dear friends 

It’s first Sunday, This Sunday and so time for some creative walking experiments and psychogeography in action. 

You can join in anywhere, anytime, from 2pm BST on Sunday 5th July when we will revisit an old favourite by sharing new clues in the metaphysical treasure hunt. 

Despite the partial easing of lockdown this will still be an experiment in walking together, alone. You can be part of the live, synchronous conversation via whatsapp and, for the first time, we will also update twitter live. Of course you can also choose to use the prompts whenever and wherever you fancy. They work inside and out and we hope are suitable for any terrain.

The decision to not yet meet in person has not been undertaken lightly. I miss our monthly meanders terribly and it is true nothing quite compares to the poetry and enchantment we can find on the streets together. We are, all, finally flaneurs and, despite my boredom with that archetype, I truly believe it for the best right now. The collective was borne out of a radical utopian dream  - although of course I realise most of you do not share my politics - but key to our walks is a critical engagement with issues of power and an inherent distrust of marketing. In these times of fake news and gaslighting this matters now more than ever. Creating a space to come together for conversation across various divides is one of the things I am most delighted to have emerged from The LRM.  We can make new spaces to do this. Another, equally important part of my politics, and something else integral to the evolution of The LRM, is a sense of communality and a deep duty of care. That means I don’t want anyone to feel excluded or at risk, no matter how much fun we may have. We walk together. There’s pragmatic reasons too. We’ve never limited numbers on LRM Derives or required advance notice for First Sundays. I don’t want that to change but it would have to if we complied with current guidelines.  I’m also mindful of blocking pavements and taking up space as a group when others need to social distance. There are also logistical issues with transport to and from our meeting place. (This is why my non-LRM tours and performances are also paused for now)

More positively, I have loved being able to welcome loiterers from across the UK, and the world, to walk with us. Its been a joy, and this accessibility to those unable to physically join us is something I want to build on even when we can be together in Manchester again. I’ve also loved friends and fellow walking artists being able to facilitate walks – thanks to Blake Morris and Sonia Overall, both of whom also organise their own regular walks which welcome everyone  

If you have an idea for a future distance walk please do get in touch and I will try and make it happen – would love to find new ways of walking together across space

In the meantime here is how to join with me on Sunday 5th July 2020 2pm BST

Whatsapp please let me have your phone number by noon on Sunday and I will add you to the group chat (I wont share the invite link on social media for spam / security reasons). You can email your number to or text/SMS/whatsapp it to me 07974929589 Please don’t forget your country code if you are outside the UK

Twitter instructions will be shared by @thelrm using #LRMJuly approximately every 10 minutes from 2pm BST for approx. 90minutes

Zoom If you want to have a chat about the walk (or anything else) we will have a brew and blether on zoom at 4pm, meeting details here Meeting ID: 972 0550 8272 Password: 2B@0K8Ri

Please do share what you find on your wanders someway as its always lovely to know how, and where, loiterers are. You can use the methods above or the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”

Whatever you are doing please take care, stay curious and remember we can help create the future we want by the ways we choose to travel

With love and golden apples

Morag xx

21st June Social

Hello everyone

As people have been asking lets have a virtual brew / beer and blether for any Loiterers who fancy it this Sunday, 21st June, 2pm via zoom. If you have been reading the city or just wandering through lockdown in your head be lovely to have a catch up. As ever I have no idea how this will work, and I realise every kind of technology excludes someone but heres another new (for us) experiment

Join Zoom Meeting…

Meeting ID: 997 6436 9950

Password: 6Z=qZwiV

All welcome x

June 2020 First Sunday: reading and writing space

TL;DR First Sunday tomorrow aims to read and rewrite the city. And, of course, as ever Black Lives Matter

Hello dear friends and fellow loiterers

Its First Sunday this Sunday (tomorrow!) and so once again there will some experiments in creative walking. Apologies that details come to you very late this time. I’m sure some of you will have also been experiencing the elasticity of time and assorted pressures from other areas that can make it hard to focus and I am sorry I veered off track a little, but I cherish First Sunday walks and I have an idea to make this one a little different….

But first, and importantly, I want to be clear I, and The LRM, stand with Black Lives Matter. When we say The Streets Belong to Everyone we mean this and pledge to do all we can to make justice and equality more than just words. I’m particularly mindful of how psychogeography and so many of the foundational texts we use have deeply troubling roots and I want to reiterate my commitment to being open to ways I, we, can do better. Our greatest power is often at the local level and a key reason The LRM began was to trouble and complicate the official, essentialising narratives of Manchester. This work seems more vital now than ever. We must be alert to tokenism and PR spin; most crucially do not let the myth of “radical Manchester” erase structural racism and the work we must all do to dismantle it. Yes, it’s true there has always been radicals and resistance and we must celebrate it but don’t allow it to smooth over complexities. Our city was not united against slavery and we sold weapons to both sides in the Civil War. Our Lincoln statue was a cast off and, most importantly, inequality and discrimination persists. Never forget our red brick bleeds and was built on exploitation and as with so much else Manchester is particular but not exceptional in this respect of course.

Regarding First Sunday, I realise in the UK some restrictions are easing but for many reasons I am not suggesting we meet in person in any way yet. The risks feel too high and much evidence supports this, so let’s try another experiment with multiple strands. One of the small joys emerging from these difficult times has been that walking together, alone, has enabled people from outside Manchester to join First Sunday and connect with us in new ways. I want to learn from this too and continue sharing across time and space. So….

Lets read the streets (or our rooms or gardens or ginnels or wherever). This month I invite you wherever, and whenever you are to find scraps of texts. Writing on walls, fragments of rubbish, slogans on t-shirts or placards or billboards, shop fronts and flyers…. Whatever you can find. Take a picture or make a note and if you feel like doing so call it poetry. Its a way to begin to rewrite the city by taking what it says to us and rearranging in new ways. Detournement of trash and textual treasures. Please do share what you discover – here’s how:

I will start walking to find words at 2pm BST Sunday 7th June and you can join me via whatsapp. To be part of this group please send your phone number (with country code if you are outside the UK) before 12noon tomorrow. You can text or whatsapp it to me on 079 749 29589 or email If you prefer you can share via twitter, please include @thelrm or add to our facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement” The actual walk I take will be around 90 minutes long, obviously you can go at a pace and in a direction of your own choosing, but please remember to take care, comply with local restrictions and don’t be an arse. We share our paths with others and need to be consider and careful of our impact.

Several people have been in touch (thank you) to say how much they miss the social aspect of First Sundays, specifically being able to share stories and make connections afterwards when we have a brew and blether. I miss that too terribly and there isn’t a perfect solution but I would like to create a space to discuss this walk and share the street wisdom we stumble upon. I’m aware that it’s a little late for tomorrow so I propose a virtual social on the solstice, June 21st. I’ll set up a zoom and anyone that wants to can pop in, this also means potentially this will be our longest ever derive as we have a fortnight to collect texts for it. I’ll share the meeting link soon.

In the meantime I really hope we can walk together, alone, tomorrow and that you and yours go well and that we can use our wanders to contribute to creating wonderful new ways

With love and golden apples

Morag xx

May First Sunday: #DistanceDrift with Sonia Overall

Dear friends, lovers and fellow loiterers
TL;DR 10am Sunday we will walk together with Sonia Overall
How are you feeling today?
It feels really hard to start conversations with you at the moment, not a problem I often encounter, but to say I hope this finds you well sounds trite and all the lines I usually cherish just seem trite. I wonder how you are feeling. I’ve been oscillating between all the emotions it seems; today I yearned for people and places, felt deep sorrow at viral devastation, rage at political lies, self-pity I'm not home, terror at news images, joy at sunshine and sparrows, wonder at rediscovering lost photos, guilt I'm not more useful, luck at my circumstances, love for so many dear ones, hope we can make a more equitable and sustainable future and sorrow I’ve missed the first flourishing of goslings on the canal and that moment when the Paulownia trees in St Peters Square look as beautiful as their promise (did I say day? that's just the last hour....)
I’m sharing this because at the heart of psychogeography is emotion, and space, and connecting dots to find hidden truths and tell new stories. This is something we can still do wherever we are, inside or out, using windows or feet or wheels or beds or books. We’ve always strived to make loitering as accessible, diverse and welcoming as we can, and there’s still lots to learn, but we will find a (contradictory and doubtless winding) path through. The places we love are still there, waiting, holding, making space. When we find them they will be changed of course but so too are we.
I am glad its First Sunday and so, as we always do, those that fancy a bit of psychogeography will wander and wonder together. Of course we are still walking together alone but the advantage is that means loiterers beyond Manchester can join us – last month was fantastic and wide roaming – and so the experiments continue. One of the few bright spots in the gloom is how remote walking means we are able to join with friends who are not able to join us in Manchester on a First Sunday, and this increased connection to our cybermembers will I hope be a lasting legacy. For May I am delighted our expedition will be facilitated by Sonia Overall, one of my favourite walking artists and writers (some of you may recall we have used her beautiful drift deck to guide us in the past). Sonia has been organising a #DistanceDrift on twitter every Sunday at 10am for a while and I am looking forward to learning what she will share with us. To join in here is what you need to do:
1) Be ready to drift, however and wherever you are able, at 10am BST this Sunday 3rdMay
2) The prompt will be shared at 10am by the following means and you are warmly invited to share what you see, hear, smell and dream on your walk with us by whichever of the channels you choose:

twitter @SoniaOverall and @TheLRM

whatsapp (this is where I will mostly be) to join the group conversation please let me have a number, including international code, if you are outside the UK by emailing or texting 07974929589 or dm me on facebook before 9.30 Sunday

facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
NB I will not have access to update the website at 10am, if you struggle or refuse to access other methods please email or text me and I will do my best to find a way
3) Asynchronised walkers are of course welcome too as are secret and anonymous drifters, but we really do appreciate it when you share your experience
Please do remember to take care and keep safe. Most importantly of course this means social distancing and walking alone or with household members – the flaneur never existed but we are all flaneurs now.
Forgive me repeating myself but this is crucial: The LRM still firmly believe that “The Streets Belong to Everyone” although we can’t share them physically right now. Our withdrawal is an act of care and communality so please do not be an arse on Sunday or any day. We send love and strength to everybody who is working outside caring, caretaking, providing for us and doing other essential work, I know this includes many excellent loiterers. Thank you. Those of us able to do so fully recognise our privilege in being able to make a tactical retreat inside”.
If anyone has any thoughts or ideas for future walks together please get in touch, ideas for different tech always welcome too. This month I am also started a new postal project as well so if you fancy loitering by your letterbox you are luck. More soon
Take care
Love and golden apples

Today's Script

Here is the text of the script by Blake Morris which we will walk today together and alone
" A Walk Around The Block.
I take my inspiration from the streets.
Merrie England Solitary
Walkers Recasting Romantic walking practices 'to the agitation and unrest of our times'
A movement into An unknowable future I'm more than a street fighter than a Roman scholar"
Text is fragments pasted on a photo of two smiling children on a rug near a fire
To join the live WhatsApp group and walk with us at 2pm please let me have your number by 12.30. More details
As ever please contact me by email twitter @thelrm facebook "loiterers resistance movement" or sms/ whats app 079 749 29589

2020 Walking Alone Together April's First Sunday


Dear friends, loiterers and fellow wanderers
I hope this finds you as OK as anyone can be in these difficult and troubling times.
As you know The LRM gather on the First Sunday of every month to walk creatively together, make connections, engage with our environment and ask some difficult questions about public space. Our community has always been disparate, diverse and constantly evolving and so we want to carry on walking together in new, different ways. As we’ve said so often before simply walking together shouldn’t be radical and it isn’t ever enough but it’s something and to get through this crisis we will need imagination, empathy and most of all each other.
Obviously we can not carry on as normal (I have always hated that word, that concept but suddenly it becomes useful). Searching for a way to walk alone, together, I’ve been talking to my friend and fellow walking artist Blake Morris. Last week we walked together on his sunrise walks and now we’re going to join his project 52 scores where he follows a weekly walking score made of scraps of paper The full score won’t be revealed until tomorrow – Saturday – so check the link above and we will also post it here too.
Here’s how to walk with us: At 2pm BST Sunday 5th April I will be at home in Manchester and will begin a walk guided by Blake’s score. He will be doing the same in Northampton and we invite you to join us wherever you are. Although I haven’t seen it all yet I know the first line of the script and I hope you will forgive the spoiler its “A Walk Round The Block.” You can interpret this however you desire – that block could be your bed or sofa or portion of street or a location on google earth, whatever is most appealing and appropriate to you (see the very important points below)
We hope you will check in and connect with us as you wander. Blake and I will be walking together, alone, on whatsapp and to join our walk in progress chat please send me your number in advance (by noon on Sunday please) so I can add you to the conversation. My number is 079 749 29589 You can also share your walk by twitter (please @thelrm or add # loiter) or on facebook (the group is The Loiterers Resistance Movement) or email but obviously responses to these methods will be asynchronous.

Of course you can just loiter in secret but we really would love to know if you are with us. I anticipate the walk will last approximately an hour but as ever the pace and duration will be decided collectively. (Hopefully at least one of these technologies works for you, any suggestions to improve access would be most welcome as this is not my strong point. We will also be launching a psychogeographical postcard project very soon to overcome a reliance on screens). This First Sunday is an experiment, well even more experimental than usual, so please be patient if there are wobbles and missed connections, we are all doing the best we can
A few very important points
Please remember to keep safe and follow the latest reliable health information re Covid-19. Local circumstances may differ so please check your latest advice, In the UK at the moment guidance states as long as you are well it is perfectly fine to go for a walk (irebranded as your daily permissible exercise) but you must maintain social distancing rules. This means going alone – we are all quasi-flaneurs now – apart from members of your household. You must maintain 2 metres / 6 foot distance from anyone else so please be extra considerate and alert to other people and the need to share space. Wash your hands thoroughly, carefully, properly afterwards and be very mindful of touching surfaces when out and about. You may wish to wear a mask and gloves.
If you, or any of your household, are shielding, self isolating, in quarantine or have any symptoms of COVID-19 DO NOT leave your sanctuary. This derive can be conducted indoors, in dreamspace or online; whichever is safest, most appropriate and appealing to you. We welcome anyone, anywhere who is respectful of others, but this is not the time to take risks. (We fully appreciate the need to mindful of emerging civil liberty issues and will doubtless focus on these at a future date but that challenge is not for The LRM right now.)
We are loiterers and this has always implied a critique of speed, ruthless efficiency and the seemingly endless urge to be productive despite the background hum of anxiety. If you don’t fancy wandering on Sunday be assured, this invitation is an open one for whenever you feel able. We applaud rest and self-care. Concerns about the demise and relevance of psychogeography have been confounded once again by the pandemic. Much attention is being given to hyper-local, super attentive walking, powerlines are being uncovered, disrupted, public space is being reconfigured, the everyday is transformed and the world is turned upside down. I should probably be rush writing a crass academic hot take on this but I can’t, won’t, whilst my heart aches
The LRM still firmly believe that “The Streets Belong to Everyone” although we can’t share them physically right now. Our withdrawal is an act of care and communality so please do not be an arse on Sunday or any day. We send love and strength to everybody who is working outside caring, caretaking, providing for us and doing other essential work, I know this includes many excellent loiterers. Thank you. Those of us able to do so fully recognise our privilege in being able to make a tactical retreat inside.
I hope to see you on the streets again sometime soon, and in the meantime please feel free to get in touch with questions, comments or if you just fancy a blether. If you have any suggestions for next months First Sunday also please do holler, you can find me by any of the methods above and in the meanting I’ll be sharing various psychogeographical resources so please do keep in touch.
With love, solidarity and golden apples
Morag xx

You might also find these excellent folk worth spending some time with:
The Walking Artists Network Jiscmail list have been sharing various creative walking ideas
Phil Smiths words are as pertinent and inspiring as ever
We Shall Overcome have organised a fantastic virtual festival next Saturday

April 2020 First Sunday: Walking Alone Together

Hello friends, 

Just a placeholder. There WILL be a walk for First Sunday in this strange social distant days, although obviously it will not be  "normal" as we cant meet.... Full details tomorrow, but be ready 2pm BST Sunday wherever you are xx

March First Sunday

First Sunday, This Sunday and so the perfect time for some curious, collective wanders exploring Manchester #psychogeography.

Find us 2pm 1.3.20 in Sackville Gardens near the Turing statue. All welcome + free because the streets belong to everyone. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or need more info. The pace + direction is made up as we go along..... We'll leave the park at 2.15 and see where the fancy takes us, having a blether and a brew at the end to share stories. I hope to see you on the streets xx

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