The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Save Access To Our River Irwell

Save Access To Our River Irwell

We are fighting to save the public right of way along the Salford side of River Irwell at Ralli Quays. Access is threatened by the development of new offices and a hotel which will effectively enclose and privatise the path. The alternative route provided is a permissive path through the Ralli Quays development. This has no view of the water and could be removed at any time. We have less than a week to save access to our Irwell.

Reasons to object

We oppose these plans for a number of reasons including (but not limited to)

  • We believe the right to walk along the Irwell is a fundamental right and we assert the value of public space. It should not be sacrificed for private gain.
  • The space is well used and highly valued, for example the benches opposite the People’s History Museum are frequently used by a wide range of people for different reasons including respite, socialising, picnicking and more.
  • The route has a huge amount of potential for improvement and if we loose this stretch we loose the possibility of a walking and cycling path from Manchester city centre to Salford Quays and potentially beyond to Liverpool.
  • The Irwell, and the Irwell and Mersey Navigation, are of huge historic importance to both Manchester and Salford, they are sites of special significance and relevance to the development of our cities. The area is rich in Industrial Archaeology.
  • Concerns around homeless people using the area to sleep is not a valid reasons to remove a right of way, we need a humane and holistic approach to homelessness and social care.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic reinforced how important public space, and access to local amenities for walking, are for people, especially in areas where there are high percentage of flats without private gardens.
  • There is a wealth of research into the physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits of walking and active travel. We should be increasing access and promoting walking, not restricting it.
  • This restriction and removal of a path is counter to a number of local and national policies which promote green and blue space, active travel and pedestrian rights

How to object

We are asking people to send two emails, one to Salford Council to modify the planning application and one to The Department of Transport to oppose the Stopping Up order. We need both because the two applications are interlinked. You must send them before the deadlines stated.

These emails don’t have to be long. Please include the points which matter most to you. It is better if you use your own words.  Please make sure you include your name and address and the correct reference number and let us know when you have sent your emails

  1. To Salford Council to ask for modifications of the planning application. We do not want to scrap the whole development but believe that removing the right of way is not necessary and changes should be made to the design to retain full public access
    Reference Number: 21/78277/FUL Ralli Quays 3 Stanley Street Salford
    email details here
    You can also comment via the Planning Portal if you are registered.
    Deadline 12 October 2021

  2. To the Department of Transport to object to the Stopping Up Order which is the legal power that will be used to remove the right of way
    The Stopping Up Order reference is NATTRAN/NW/S247/4804
    Deadline 13th October 2021

For more information please contact
Dr Morag Rose email twitter @thelrm SMS/Text/Whatsapp 07974929589

Save Access to The River Irwell

Loiterers assemble please and help us save public rights to access the River Irwell. We're asking for 2 short emails to be sent...
Please help save a public right of way. New developments will close the towpath and privatise access, replacing it with permissive route without a waterside view that can be closed to the public at any time. DEADLINE 12 OCT
The area impacted may not be big but this space is significant. We stand a good chance of winning if act fast and show strength in numbers: objections to the planning application must be made by 12th October and to the stopping up order by 13th October. Things you might mention….
That we do NOT oppose the whole planning application but do not believe it should include closing a right of way. We call for the plans for this to be modified to continue to allow access to the river for all and we believe this is possible and important because
The Irwell is a public amenity and an integral part of Salford and Manchester’s heritage (The Irwell and Mersey Navigation Towpath dates from 1721 and the area around the former Mark Addy pub has lots of historical interest)
Closure contradicts Salford and Manchester commitments to green and blue infrastructure and active travel. The developers have expressed concerns about homeless people sleeping in the area; this is NOT an acceptable or human reason to close an area off
Loosing this section means a loss of potential of a fully connected walking / cycle route along the Irwell and we know now brilliant walking and cycling are. We should be improving and increasing access not loosing it. The seating area opposite Peoples History Museum is well used and well loved and has lots of potential
Please use your own words to send two emails
1)The planning application which necessitates the closure is 21/78277/FUL Ralli Quays 3 Stanley Street Salford (You MUST quote that ref) email details here deadline 12 Oct
2) The Stopping Up Order reference is NATTRAN/NW/S247/4804 email Deadline 13th Oct (cant find this online atm) Please let me know you have sent emails and spread the word to anyone who may be interested
Don and Gloria have been seeking legal advise and we think there is a very good chance of winning this. The fight has bigger significance than just this piece of land so please send a couple of emails. I'm happy to talk to anyone who wants to know more, the best way to get me is to email or text/whatsapp 07974929589

Script to unfollow for October 2021

Its First Sunday today and so here is the whole script/ prompt here for you to use as tool for wandering whenever you fancy.

The theme is Re-enchantment

Look for the magic, marvellous, mythic in your landscape however you interpret them.

What spells are woven across our everyday landscape?

Can a shift in perspective bring a radical awakening?

If you aren’t sure which way to go follow sigils, signs or sparrows or spin a pencil/twig/lucky charm to show you the direction you need to follow

Wherever and wherever and however you walk please remember to take care of yourself, everyone who shares your space and your environment.

I will start walking 2pm from Stockport Plaza, find me there or join the live whatsapp group message by texting or messaging 07974929589 (with your name and international dialing code if needed) or if you explore alone please share your findings on twitter @thelrm #LRM2021 or on our facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”

October 2021 First Sunday

Dear friends and fellow loiterers

Thanks so much to everyone who took part in last month’s wander, whether you were with us on the streets or online it felt very special. Its First Sunday again this Sunday and so we shall be gathering again for a derive inspired by the Autumn light, wild brambles and the smell of pencil sharpenings.

The in person meeting point will be in Stockport as requested by various folk, and once again we will experimenting with a walk that is both in person and remote/ virtual, trying to ensure loiterers can stay connected wherever you are, inside or out, together and alone.

I will share a script / prompt here on Sunday for you to interpret as you fancy and you can share your journey in the following ways

  1. Walk with The LRM on Sunday 3rd October, meet 1.45 for a 2pm in Stockport outside the Plaza, Mersey Square, SK1 1SP
  2. Talk with The LRM, join this month’s private whatsapp group to chat and exchange pictures. To be part of this conversation please text/email/whatsapp your number to the contact details below by 12 noon on Sunday
  3. Share with us on  social media whenever you want, we love to learn how you used prompts and what you found where you are. Twitter @thelrm #LRM2021 or facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”

However you choose to loiter please remember to take care of yourself, everyone you share space with and the environment.

Please do get in touch if you need more information, ideas for collaboration and new places and ways to walk are always welcome as are thoughts on how to improve access and any other comments. Email tweet @thelrm or sms/whatsapp 07974929589

With love and golden apples

Morag x


September 2021 First Sunday, in person online and at the 4th world congress of psychogeography

 Dear friends and fellow loiterers

First Sunday, this Sunday and its time for some more experimental #psychogeography in the (we hope) gorgeous September light. It would be wonderful to explore with you

We’re collaborating with the Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography whose theme this year is “playing out” – you can see their splendid programme of walks, talks and random shenanigans here:

There are several ways you can join The LRM on 5th September as we navigate connections in multiple places including cyberspace and city streets and we invite you to join us wherever you are.

In Manchester:

I will be in Piccadilly Gardens, near the memorial tree (Café Nero side of the space) at 1.45 BST ready to start promptly at 2pm. I’m still short with pink hair so hopefully easy to spot!

Online anywhere and everywhere else:

Prompts will be shared from 2pm in the following ways (thanks to John for helping to make this multiplicity possible)

In a private whatsapp group chat, to join this please text or whatsapp 07974929589 or email by 12 noon on Sunday. Make sure you include your name and international code if you are not in the UK

On twitter @thelrm #Loiter4WCP

On our facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”

On the blog at (see below)


The walk will last around 90 minutes and those who wish can join for a beverage in Manchester around 3.30pm. There will also be a zoom call on Tuesday 7th September 8pm BST for anyone who wants to share their walk experiences or find out more about The LRM

ID: 971 0383 2873 Passcode: ^uZ1th*1

However you want to take part you are very welcome. As usual LRM events are free because we believe the streets (and psychogeography) belong to everyone. We only ask that you remember to take care of yourself, those around you and the environment you travel through. This does of course mean respecting others personal space, being Covid safe and not being an arse.

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for future walks, or there are any specific access requirements we can help with to enable you to participate please get in touch - email or tweet @thelrm or whatsapp 07974929589

with love and golden apples

Morag x

PS update on September 5th. Here are the prompts for those who cant join in elsewhere


1 Collect spheres, marbles, balls and planets

2 Find or make or imagine a line. Follow it

3 Look for golden apples and golden ducks

4 back (or front) of the net. What webs are woven in the street

5 Find game moves beneath your feet: look for instructions and follow them

6 Home run! Find something that makes you feel you belong here

7 Obstacle course – What is stopping you walk where you want to? How might others navigate differently

8 A game of two halves: Find matching pairs or perfect contradications

9 Future prize. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What signs can you find to show you the way

First Sunday August 21: prompts

First Sunday today, here's a thread of prompts prompts for a wander #psychogeography #MetaphysicalTreasureHunt #Loiter2021

Explore wherever you are, on your own or in a group, to try and find all the things below. Join us in Salford today or on the screen.

Full details are here or scroll down to read the post below this one

These prompts are for you to interpret as you wish but please do take care of yourself, each other and your environment + share what you find please

1) A fox or a faery
2) Something that smells good to you
3) Something flowering
4) Somewhere soft to walk and somewhere hard
5) Something unusual or unexpected
6) A playground…. What games can you imagine playing there?
7) A pattern that pleases you
8) A piece of history
9) A portal to another world
10) The bluest blue and the reddest red
11) A message from the future
12) This place rocks. Find something that shows you why

Hope to see folk in Green Grosvenor Park (2pm) Bexley Square (5pm) today or on screen tomorrow. Thanks to Ben @walktheplank and Keri for clues and to all who loiter with me. It means a lot.

More info:

May you always find treasure when you wander

Love and golden apples

Morag x

August 2021 First Sunday: In person and on line

Dear friends, lovers and loiterers

It’s First Sunday, this Sunday and so time for a spot of creative wandering, and at long last there will be a chance to loiter together in person as well as online.

I’m finding this invitation unusually hard to write because frankly I feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of walking together in the real world as well as remotely. This means the next few derives will be even more experimental than usual as we try to find a path onwards that keeps Loiterers who can’t travel into Greater Manchester connected with us because I’ve loved being able to wander so much further through digital means and catch glimpses of so many other places.  

Yes, I am a bit giddy with joy to be together in the same place again but I’m also so thankful for all the wanders together, alone, during the pandemic. I am also very aware the pandemic isn’t over yet and please, whatever you are doing remember to take care of yourself and each other. Basically, don’t be an arse, respect personal space and covid safe guidelines, and if you haven’t been vaccinated yet please get that jab. Be aware all LRM events I am at will be outside; if the weather is atrocious please check in to see if plans have changed.

You are welcome to join in however and wherever you wish, either alone or in a small group, and at a pace which is right for you. We will be embarking on one of our metaphysical treasure hunts, sharing a list of things for you to find in your local environment.

Here are the options to come and play with us on Sunday 1st August:

  1. The prompts will be available online from 10am BST on Sunday 1st August. They will be posted on twitter @thelrm #Loiter2021 on our blog at the facebook group “the loiterers resistance movement”
  2. Come and find me at Green Grosvenor Park, Clarence St, Salford M7 1GF between 2-4pm. I will be there with friends from Walk The Plank as part of the Friends of Green Grosvenor Park fun day.  
  3. At 5pm I will be outside The New Oxford pub, Bexley Square, Salford to meet any loiterers who fancy a drink and a blether or a chance to share what you discovered
  4.  At 8pm BST Monday 2nd August there will be a zoom chat for sharing any remote discoveries, the link for this is here:

Meeting ID: 946 5787 2090Passcode: 0Zc1PN=b

If you have any questions, comments or ideas for future First Sunday’s please feel free to get in touch, email, tweet @thelrm or whatsapp 07974929589

I hope to see you soon, on the street or on a screen, and as ever my heartfelt thanks for your support

With love and golden apples

Morag x

PS September’s First Sunday will be part of the 4th World Congress of Psychogeography (online and we hope also in person) and I will also be collaborating with Walk The Plank on an event exploring Salford’s rivers on September 25th; more details soon

JULY First Sunday

It’s First Sunday, this Sunday and so time for another wander together, apart wherever you are. This month we are going for an asynchronous, dispersed flavour of psychogeography, meaning you can take part whenever you like and there won’t be a live whatsapp chat. Instead you are invited to share your findings at a zoom meeting, 8pm BST Tuesday 6th of July or one of the other ways below.

Our theme will be words. Whilst you are walking look for the writing on the wall, or signs, or floors, or rubbish or anywhere else for that matter. Take a note of interesting, absurd or mundane texts and submit them to the great communal LRM street poem. The inspiration for the collective wordsmithery comes from the recent launch event for Walking Bodies (it’s a great book, details here:

Please share your findings with @thelrm on twitter, by email, in “the loiterers resistance movement” on facebook or text/ whatsapp  07974929589 or bring them to the zoom meeting

Topic: LRM sharing

Time: Jul 6, 2021 08:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 929 2756 2771

Passcode: #Bj8BJGK

If you can’t decide where to walk try following this formula: first left, third right and always try to walk on the opposite side of the road to that which you would normally choose. Follow your nose and your heart and remember to take care of yourself, each other and your environment

With love and golden apples


PS If anyone is going to Timber Festival please come and say hi. I’m talking about psychogeography on Saturday afternoon on the ShiveLight stage and Dee Heddon will also be there with the Walking Library for Forests

Other events in June and July

TL;DR three online conversations, a real world festival, a gig and a reading group. It would be ace to see you at any or all of these. And yes, there is also a First Sunday walk this Sunday 6th June – Markus is leading a Soundwalk, details in post below
Tuesday 8th June
Blake Morris and I discuss the relationship between diverse bodies, cyberspace, and movement for the walk, listen, create café. It’s a continuation of wander we started here:
Thursday 17th June
I’m the provocateur for the Working Class Academics Chai Conversation (more on this nearer the time)
Wednesday 23rd June 7.30pm
Walking Bodies: Scores and Exchanges
An evening of walking arts hosted by Triarchy Press to celebrate
the recent publication of the book Get your free ticket on Eventbrite here:
Editors Helen Bee, Claire Hind and Phil Smith have invited four leading walking artists to respond to the themes and context of the book and to get us all talking about walking now. We welcome:
Ishita Jain: ‘Writing the Walking’
Morag Rose: ‘And, and, and.... Towards a Criptasticly Expanded Walk’
Blake Morris ‘Walking and the Art of Invitation’
Jody Oberfelder: ‘Life Traveler’
Saturday 3rd July time tbc
I am beyond excited to be at an actual festival especially as Dee Heddon is also there with the Walking Library, plus there’s some ace music and other stuff happening too
Thursday 29th July probably but it’s a bit sketchy
A gig, of sorts, with music and shenanigans and the broken doll orchestra and whatnot, hopefully but I may regret sharing this as its so new we don’t even have a name for it Mark Robinson
Finally, inspired by Sheffield friends (re)visiting classic books I’ve organised a reading group looking at Society of the Spectacle (there’s an online copy at the always excellent bureau of public secrets here Its very informal, friendly, critical discussion and you don’t have to come to every session – but please do read the sections beforehand
5pm Monday 7the June prologue and chapters 1-3
5pm Monday 21st June 4-6
5pm Monday 12th July 7-9 and beyond
To get the zoom link please email me

For more details on all the above please email or tweet @thelrm or text/whatsapp

June 2021 First Sunday Sound Walk

It's First Sunday, This Sunday and time for some more wandering together, apart. I am really delighted that this month’s Loiter is being facilitated by Markus Hetheier who will be taking us on a soundwalk. I’ll let Markus tell you more:

“Join me for a remote soundwalk this Sunday at 2 pm. The soundwalk will be conducted via Whatsapp. It will contain taking spontaneous routes and recording any sounds that sound interesting to you via the voice note function on Whatsapp and directly share with the others in the group. After the soundwalk everyone is asked to draw a soundmap, a representation of which sounds you encountered during your soundwalk, as a reflective practice to conclude the walk. These maps can be shared via Whatsapp.”

The soundwalk will start 2pm BST on Sunday 6th June. You can take part wherever you are at whatever speed / to whatever extent you wish but please take care of yourself and the people and places you wander with.

To join the live whatsapp chat please text / whatsapp me on 07974929589 by 12 noon on Sunday.
I will also be tweeting instructions and key points @thelrm #Loiter

There will be a zoom chat at 4pm BST on Sunday to share observations and have a chat about whatever else you fancy – here are the joining details

Time: Jun 6, 2021 04:00 PM London

Meeting ID: 919 8892 1967  Passcode: 2wS^1$DY

As ever First Sunday is free for anyone and everyone and I welcome ideas for future walks. There are a few other events coming up in June and hopefully an in person walk soon as well – more details soon

With love and golden apples

Morag xx


PS   Markus Hetheier is an electronic music producer, sound artist and research student. When wearing his electronic music hat, he is performing under his stage name Industries that links the post-industrial past of his German hometown to Manchester. Here, he started producing and releasing his electronic music following his studies at the School of Electronic Music in 2018. His music explores and subverts musical structures and ranges from field recordings, distorted sounds to harmonic melodies and large beats. As sound artist he has an interest in soundwalks and field recordings and collaborates across disciplines and media. His sound work ranges from sound art, audio-visual collaborations to workshops and podcasts. He recently started his practice-led PhD at the Manchester Metropolitan University where he is working on an interdisciplinary digital media project which will explore the relationship between the self and Manchester through soundmaps and psychogeography.


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