The Loiterers Resistance Movement

November 2023 A Wander with GM Right to Roam

Dear friends, lovers and loiterers

It’s First Sunday, This Sunday so time for a communal wander.

This time I am delighted that we will be walking with our friends and comrades from GM Right To Roam. We’ll be going to explore the domain of more excellent folk, The Friends of Ryebank Fields.

As many loiterers know this is a much loved green space that remains under threat.

Full details of the history of fields, why it’s so special, and the ongoing fight to defend it can be found here: but here’s a brief version. Ryebank Fields is a 4.6 hectare patch of open green space on the border of Chorlton and Stretford in South Manchester. It was gifted by Manchester City Council to Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University) for use as playing fields. The University abandoned the fields in 1996, since when the land has re-wilded itself into a mosaic of natural habitats. It is a fantastic green area accessible to all and a well used and loved Community asset. The fields are home to over 1400 trees and countless birds, bats, mammals and insects, as well as providing invaluable food and shelter for pollinators. They also act as a carbon sink and natural floodplain and combat air pollution in this densely populated urban area which is bordered by a local school. Currently Ryebank Fields is under threat of development from Manchester Metropolitan University who are in the process of selling the fields to property developers. A development framework was adopted by Manchester City Council with proposals for 120 houses. Subsequently, MMU commissioned a number of reports as part of the process of selling the site to a developer

You can meet us either outside Chorlton Library at 1.45 or at the Longford Road entrance at 2pm this Sunday 5th November.

Find out more about Right to Roam here or join their Land Rights workshop at the always brilliant Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday 4th November at Peoples History Museum

As ever our wanders are free and open to everyone with the only rules being look after yourself, each other and wherever we are. And don’t be an arse. The speed and direction are decided collectively and no-one goes anywhere they don’t feel comfortable. After around 90 minutes / 2 hours we will find somewhere for a drink and a blether.

If you have any questions or need more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Email see @thelrm on x, “the loiterers resistance movement” on facebook or text/whatsapp 07974929589

I hope to see you on the streets soon

With love and golden apples

Morag x

PS If you are interested in access issues and nature in the city please also come along to the Our Irwell meeting on Thursday 9th November. Building on their success saving the towpath at Ralli Quays Our Irwell are entering a new phase. There will be a public meeting on Thursday 9th November, 6.30-8pm at Sacred Trinity Church, Chapel Street Salford. Our Irwell will be launching as a community organisation dedicated to protecting, progressing and promoting access to the River Irwell and surrounding areas. For information on the meeting please see

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