The Loiterers Resistance Movement

December 2023 A Wander with Words from Phil Smith

Dear friends and beloved loiterers

It’s First Sunday, this Sunday, and our final communal drift of 2023. To see the year out in style we will be guided by the words of the Loiterers friend and inspiration Phil Smith. Phil is an exemplary mythogeographer, writer, artist and occasional crabman:

Phil has kindly sent us his latest book “The Silversnake Project.” It’s an eco-gothic exploration which seeks to “give voice to some of the growing fears and deepest feelings we have about an environment…. An eeriness that is often hiding from us in plain sight” We will use the toolkit contained in its covers to guide our walk together. Afterward we will weave together our findings and share back with Phil.

Meet us 2pm on Sunday 3rd December at the glacial erratic on Ardwick Green. This is one of Manchester’s psychogeographical foci and I am excited to return after so long. As ever the direction, pace and conversation depends on the group. We follow the loiterers lore: All are welcome because the streets belong to everyone. Take care of yourself, each other, the environment and don’t be an arse.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions or comments please do get in touch
x @thelrm
facebook “the loiterers resistance movement”
text / whatsapp 07974929589

with love and golden apples

Morag xx        

PS Another break with tradition sending information out early – usually we share locations on the Thursday before a wander – if you prefer more notice please let us know

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