The Loiterers Resistance Movement

First First Sunday of 2022

Hello dear loiterers

I promised more details about the First First Sunday of 2022 didn’t I?

The truth is apart from the starting point I don’t know where we will go or what we will discover because that is the joy and strength of the derive. We wander together and shape the walk collectively. I can tell you from past experiences there will be some fascinating conversations and a close, attentive, connection to the places we walk through. We’ll end somewhere with outside seating for more chats, a drink for those who want one and I hope some plotting about future engagements. All are welcome, and its free to attend because these streets belong to everyone. If anyone feels nervous about coming please get in touch first with any questions or more information. If you have any particular access requirements please be assured we will chose paths all can use, and the pace is set by all loiterers together (this includes sometimes splitting up into smaller groups if there are divergent interests but we come together again later and never leave loiters alone, no flâneurs here please). We don’t live in a world that is equal or just or accessible to all but our ethos is communal and determined to create better spaces if only for a few moments each month.

To join The LRM at 2pm BST on Sunday January 2nd 2022 you can
1) meet me at All Saints Park Manchester. I will be near the Oxford Road entrance
2) join the live whatsapp chat – this is a private group used just for this walk – to join please send your name and number to me via one of the contact methods below
3) look at the comments to this post on facebook group “the loiterers resistance group” or my twitter account @thelrm #Loiter2022

Prompts to guide our wanders will be shared on Sunday, doubtless we will think about the new year, and the old, in these liminal times but I suspect it is too early for our traditional hunt for the most forlorn Christmas tree. Wherever you join us please remember to take care of yourself, each other and your environment. This includes respecting everyone, keeping distance and mask wearing where appropriate; please don’t be an arse.

My contact details are
email facebook “the loiterers resistance movement! Twitter @thelrm text/whatsapp 07974929589

The LRM will be 16 in 2022 and we are still curious, still learning, still asking questions and making new paths. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who helps make this possible and I wish you all better times in 2022

Love and golden apples

Morag xx

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