The Loiterers Resistance Movement

Prompts and Update for February First Sunday


Hello everyone

As promised here is the First Sunday theme, this is for any and all loiterers to use whether or not you are able to join us at Mayfield. The in person event is now at capacity so apologise for those who wished to be there in person and couldn’t make it. (If this is you please do email me in case of last minute returns or future opportunities)

I’m keeping the prompt simple and vague so you can adapt it wherever you are – indoor or out – and however you walk.

Follow a line. It could be in the landscape or something you have drawn on a map or a line that you make as you walk if you are using your senses to guide you. Walk your line as long as you fancy, then turn around and follow it back seeing what has changed since you set out.

If you seek a synchronous remote / online wander and a different perspective I heartily recommend Sonia Overall’s #DistantDrift on twitter @SoniaOverall 10am every Sunday

There’s an LRM zoom call on Tuesday 6pm for anyone who wants a chat https://liverpool-ac  Meeting ID: 931 0921 9076 Passcode: @BV*YW.9  

Next month we will return to an un-ticketed  derive in Manchester and also using Whatapp for a live chat.

As ever any ideas for future explorations are very very welcome

Take care and I hope to wander with you soon

Morag x

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