The Loiterers Resistance Movement

A Public Service Announcement

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made the opening weekend of Loitering With Intent such an amazing event. I'm still trying to figure out where those lost posts are but until I do here is a public service announcement

Loitering With Intent is closed until August 1st for a beer festival, there may be a few other days it will be closed too so please check. When we can get back in there really is a treasury of wonders. Here - for the first time - is the full list of participating artists, included visual and audio creators, photographers, events facilitators and film makers. Each one is a star and I am still astonished at what we have managed to make together.

Alan Smith
Al Baker
Anne Gough ...& Jesse Long
Around The Toilet
Robert Douglas Dickinson
Bren O'Callaghan
Clare Bonetree
Claire Maw
Chris Wood
Christian Nold
​David Birchall

David Dunnico
Dominique Baron-Bonarjee
Don Lee & Gloria Gaffney
Eamonn  McCrory
Emily  Crompton
Esther Johnson
Francis   Michael Farrell
Geoff Stafford
Georgina Parker
Helen Darby
Hilary Ramsden
Howard Walmsley
Ian Trowell
Idit Nathan & Helen Stratford

Jane Samuels
Jo Hudson
Jihn Hawes
Jon Spencer
Jonathan  Atkinson
Jonathan Porter
Lesley  Wood
manchester modernist society
Matt Hill / Quiet Loner
Marie Pattison
Moira Williams
Morag Rose
NATO: Northern Arts Tactical Offensive
Nick Dunn
North West Film Archive
Paul Hazelhurst
Peter Overton
Phil Smith
Rachel  Ravey McLoughlin
Reclaim The Night
Roger Bygott
Sam Hind
Sara  Fitton 
Seán Hail-Dionysos  Fitton
Steve Graby
Strategic Optimism FC
Terry Patterson
The Bench Project
The University of Nottingham with Professor Alex Danchev
Tina Richardson & Ally Standing
Tom Pope
Tom Spooner
Urban (Col)laboratory

Victor Buehring
Will Yackulic
(If I've missed any tags please feel free to yell)
I am so proud to wander with so many fine folk xx

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